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"Material & Manufacturing for Commercial Aerospace: Present & Future"

TIMTOS Trade Show - Taipei, Taiwan

Conference Panelist for Additive Manufacturing

SAE International - Knoxville

"Additive Manufacturing for Commercial Aerospace"

Dassault Systems User Conference - Chicago

"State of Advanced Manufacturing in Commercial Aerospace"

Intellectual Property Office - Taipei, Taiwan


"Key Aerospace Material Trends"

International Titanium Association - Paris, France

"Aeromaterials: Current and Next Generation"

International Nickel Study Group - Lisbon, Portugal

Conference Panelist for Additive Manufacturing (AM3D)

ASME - Charlotte

"Materials and Manufacturing for Commercial Aerospace"

TRAM (Trends in Advanced Manufacturing, Boeing sponsored) - Chicago

"Dissecting Materials Choices in Aerospace & Demand Prospects for Aluminum"

Metal Bulletin - Madrid, Spain

"Assessing CFRP's Role within Commercial Aerospace"

Composite World's Carbon Fiber 2016 - Phoenix

"Commercial Aerostructure: To What Extent Is Aluminum Still Relevant?"



"Increasing Role of Distributors In Aerospace Manufacturing"
 SpeedNews - Beverly Hills

"Aeromaterial and Manufacturing Evolution: Current State and Future Implications"
 Minor Metals - Toronto


"Key Considerations for Additive Manufacturing Adoption within Commercial Aerospace"

AM for Defense & Aerospace - Arlington


"Current and Future State of Additive Manufacturing for Commercial Aerospace"

Gardner Publications/ Oak Ridge National Labs - Knoxville


"Hard Alloy in Aerospace – Current and Future"

American Metal Markets/SMR Conferences - Chicago




"Aeromaterials: Past, Present and Future"

Crucible Magazine - United Kingdom


"Aerospace Design and the Materials that Enable"

Aerospace Design and Manufacturing Magazine





"Metals for Aerospace Industry – Status Quo and Trends"
 American Metal Markets - Chicago

"Titanium Supply Chain Trends For The Aerospace Industry"
 International Titanium Association - Chicago

"Evolving Aerospace Raw Materials and Associated Supply Chain"
 Credit Suisse - New York City




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